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This is the home of The Blakesley Legacy, a ten generation series that follows a mysterious family filled to the brim with secrets and lies. This twisted tale can all be traced back to our peculiar heir, Charlotte… and when she first arrived in Sunset Valley.

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Current Generation: Charlotte Blakesley

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Hey Guys!

I’m Emily! I am twenty years old and live with my wonderful boyfriend and our pretty cool pets. I am a university student studying literature. I have been writing since grade school and writing simlit for four or five years now. It is one of my biggest passions and a hobby that doesn’t cost me much money (woo-hoo). Other than this I play a lot of dungeons and dragons and I really enjoy a good cup of tea and some netflix.

A few key points about this story/blog:

  • This is all for fun. My pictures may not always be edited, I am doing this all on my macbook air which isn’t the greatest gaming computer to say the least. So don’t expect art! Haha. Just expect a good story from someone who is passionate about writing and the sims.
  • There will be chapters that are 18+. You can expect nudity and some sexual content and/or mature language. I will always make sure to post whether or not a chapter contains this kind of content at the top.
  • I have a ton of mods and CC in my game, I will add the links to most of the sites I used, however I am terrible at keeping track. If you see any of your creations on here just lemme know! I will 100% credit you (cause making CC is hard… or maybe I just suck with computers?)
  • Expect infrequent posts
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Please feel free to leave me a message here! Be it about my story, just to say HI or promoting your own story (I love reading other peoples work!!). I will always reply asap 😀